We offer customize packages according to client preferences.

Our wedding packages are tailored as per customer’s requirements, and it starts from 2500 Cad. Please fill in the inquiry form.

Our team is based in GTA

Even though we are based in GTA, we cover entire Canada and destination weddings abroad.

Depending on your needs and the package you choose. You have the option to choose team of one photographer and one videographer or two photographers or two videographers. For weddings & receptions, we recommend two photographers and two videographers. This is to ensure we are not missing any moments and it also helps us to cover two different angles.

Well that depends on the package.

We like to edit the images/videos in house, and we aim to have the images/videos with you in 12 weeks after the wedding/event, this at times may be slightly quicker depending on workload.

Yes, as wedding photographers we understand that your wedding photographs are priceless, the cameras we use allow the team to shoot on more than one memory card and we back the images up on multiple hard drives on the same day ensuring your images are safe and backed up.

Yes, we do offer cinematography.

Yes, we can cover all your pre-wedding events if required and can offer a package with a pre-shoot if required.

No we do not. We process half a million images each year and eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. Our rigorous post production process involves the very tedious process of going through all the images we shoot and selecting only the best images for our clients.

Weddings, at their core, are two families coming together to celebrate the beginning of a life long relationship. We understand how important family is to our clients, and ensure that we spend our time capturing the precious moments between our clients and their families. At Taz Photography, we are responsible photographers first, artsy photographers second. So if you’re here because you love our art, just wait until you see how well we cover family!

We understand not everything goes as planned during a wedding. Our team is there to capture everything that you wish to have captured, regardless of how late it may happen. This way you can enjoy your wedding day without having to stress about hours and overtime. If there is any additional coverage, it will be charged at the rate specified in the contract.

Simply by filling in the contact form or give us a call at 437-999-8444

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